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Blocked Waste Pipes

One of my worst jobs was a washing machine that wasn't emptying, so I checked the obvious thing the filter, which was empty. I suspected that the pipes were blocked; not a very nice job. We cleared the blockage eventually.

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Dangerous Wiring

Over the years I've seen a lot of dangerous installations and the customer is usually unaware of the dangers. I've seen a washing machine in a shower room next to the shower where the ingress of moisture was inevitable and the fuse started to trip. I condemned the machine and advised the customer to put her new appliance in a different location. However, most of the time it is the wiring behind the washing machines that cause the most concern. Things such as plugs without earthing cables, damp mains sockets, and wires joined together with insulation tape and machines with no means of isolation. Some of these problems we put right, while more serious problems we would advise you to call a professional electrician or plumber. We believe you can’t compromise on safety.

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A lot of our customers say to us that they would quite often leave their appliances on when they go out to the shops or go to work. Some would even set their washing machines, dishwashers and tumble dryers to come on at night, assuming they are saving money, which they might if they’re on economy 7. But think about it, you've got an electrical appliance on, and you and the family are asleep in bed. All of a sudden the machine starts to leak, who's going to turn it off? Even worse, if the pump seizes up and, as most pumps are made of plastic, it catches FIRE and sets of your smoke alarm. You may wake up, but is it worth it?

At present, on the Bosch UK website there is a potential fire hazard warning regarding dishwashers made between 1999 and 2005. If you have one of these appliances visit their web pages.

Advice for Those Having New Flooring/Kitchens Installed

There is nothing wrong in having an integral appliance, as long as you make sure they are serviceable (we can gain access to the mains socket, water supply and the machine can be pulled out).

If you are having a new kitchen put in, ensure the installers lay the new flooring underneath the appliances as well, regardless of what type of flooring is laid. With flooring types such as Lino, Laminates and Stone Tiles, we have found that sometimes it is virtually impossible to pull the machine out due to worktops being placed directly above the machine and touching the appliance, leaving no room for the machine to be lifted up and out, especially with the flooring butted right up against the appliance feet. If this is the case and we simply cannot get the access we require, we will leave and the service charge may still apply.

Occasionally, customers have had to break flooring tiles in order for us to gain the access we need, which is obviously a very costly mistake. A struggle to get the machine out may also result in scratched wooden flooring or torn lino flooring. Please ensure adequate access is available. The same rule also applies to free-standing washing machines as well. No company will accept liability for any damage caused.

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